Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Diana Banks, Diana Banks a Denny Crane Denny Crane? Just answer my blog if you want to, don't repost! to a phony balony con can crucible jumper site

Diana Banks/Diana Banks/Denny Crane/Denny Crane? Harvard? I don't think so. Why don't all you goddesses from Cranbrook/Everson/Dallas/SU secretaries answering Nelson Phones after he was fired...stop reposting and start answering? You are all still working hard to keep your hooks into Kathi Lee Mack Thomas Dietiz employment and revenge ponzi; with the ex mafia international bad boys needing new fun girls. Get your butts off my blog and every e mail address site on the web? I don't know the people you are puting down as contact people Kessler in the old days, still Jeffery Tinsley...Don't pass my journal notes on....answer them.

You are the same ladies taking over medical/educational employment...with the most incompetant sludge they can find cheap, to bring to the US and find husbands or wives for while wreaking revenge on ex families for the fun of it and the kickbacks. Hollywood revenge moves on the stilt shoes you wear to break tile in the houses you are showing..New floor needs by Butterfield).or Singletary, Allen. As if the present staff of some of the hospitals and nursing homes they own are not incompetant enough already.

If you want to answer some questions such as Where is Theo Mack my only son? Where did all my best large collages? paintings? furniture? collections? jewlery? doll house miniatures? go?
Or, "Why did someone make up a paper a year after Lockerbie to leave on my door saying "Theo Mack returns from Lockerbie" then call me away and I never find it in microfisch?...Planted with the help of whoever the New Port Colony, NPRichey, FL, Kessler block who was grabbing my mail in 86/87 or Jeffrey Tinsley, person that is still listed on 'My Life and other e mail and alumni contacts" Florida...not known to me. I can't access sites. I don't knowFred Krasner NJ, a name left on all my bills when I had along distance telephone account they used.

Diana Banks Diana Banks... big deal employment...Sounds my many times sued ex employment headhunter sister in law Kathi Thomas (Bonnie Taylor?) and her Lebanese Travel owners working with all my own sleezy needyYoung family that joined in to steal my ancestors, life and collections since the 50's.

A Mob as they would say in New Zealand, where John MacDonald and Syracuse Stage's Mrs. Martin and friends are busy finding Welsch Edmonson Eton Royals??? methinks Royal crikey liers??

All this was started by my aunt Isabelle's Mafia family, English sister in law and her British Club 'Mob' from the 70's and 80's. More Irish cop and her german step brothers joining the Tansley step cousins of mine...than Scottish. Do I want to be Irish? Much to much troubles!.

Uncle JIm who found he had a black wife in the Ambrose Bar that no body heard of until they needed jobs in Dunedin with rainbow students and colleges to teach drums fifes and pipes. I did not frequent the Ambrose, dom polski, scots house...Young frequented beer gardens. You had no right to slander me and drag my ancestors there to sell.

When his factory worker friends died their wives might as well die there was no money or insurance. That was followed by my ex after his sister and my aunt and Ambrose moved in around us by my not knowing how much he had in the bank or made. They even kept that information to the last I never received a financial statement. Only Kathi's stooges Jeri or Banks could call Kathi to tell her how much sculpture or other money cold be wisked off to family forgery or late pull forgery businesses with Krasner or Robinson thieves she invaded our house with since Arkansas.

A waitress was cross eyed when she gave me a drink that had been sitting on a bar at a sailing meeting. It dropped me to the floor, right out. I was tired but I think she crossed her eyes to be like Diana Banks and her cute cockeyed look I am surprised she did not lisp like Mrs. Capps.
I wish my stupid cousin that cut off his own three fingers had cut off his head.'
The mechanics that did not fix my RV used to cross their eyes when they charged not to fix it but mess it up more...more Banks imitations? She was so very popular among men wanting to talk about their ridiculous wives like Dr. LaStrange poor wife in her bikini with Diana and herdisapproving DiAngelo boyfriends (MIT and Education) hanging around in her own backyard.Probbly were looking aroaund for what her children could steal for the FL Tribe.
I think one got the best of my dads bottle collection that was to be either my ex's (he could not put it out Jack Promised to drink them all) or my son's. Lost the best ones when things were moved. Purses arrived with turds in them from storage in Syracuse.

In about '82 I refused to set foot in the Nelson house because of whatever they were doing to Mrs. Harathies. She probably contributed transcripts or work to the Lotherian and Goddess cause in Florida. In 2009 I cannot send anything to a supposed grand daughter or son I was sent a picture of, 'enjoy my family' through a Nelson mail drop...or Chancellors save the Syracuse Building trust....I am not to know if anything arrives (just like the Lodi now Dade City Vanni 'drop' anything good went into a xmas pile I assume for someone else. They were sent insured in those days $200 watches and the post office wouldnot find out who took them in. 23 years in Nelson nose in you mail while they steal your transcripts for mafia aunties or sheriffs joining the Tarpon university wife'/to mistress rip offs. We are all under Kline's Heini.

My poor kiddo. I left him with Rats ass horror story creeps. I think Diana's local strage boyfriends even were writing e mails from my insurance companys home in Glasgow.

Like TArpon in the 1750's and a British colony the mistress or rubber cross eyed lisping doll rules.

They also robbed my friends car a time earlier when I drove into a sailing club she belonged too (long drive). #1Slime queen with my slander of my lifetime cousin Bobo Warnock, the person running around with all my dads silver scottish univorms and masonic rings. Life time slime with everybodys girlfriend and nobodys wife.

The 50's uncle Jim Young/Mahon/Ambrose 3rd Ave Flint MI needies (including a lot of doctors who gambled later from that bar or their restaurants 3rd AVE, were after hours in our neighborhood in Swartz Creek (Ambrose Slots or the farm acrpss frp, 4713 Miller Rd (Ark owner/dog fights) where the Swartz Creek Mall Thomas's have a beathy shop now)..After running everyone off their property across the street they are selling their names, and are employment specialist, and ship owners with Wilsons ,Tansleys Shanleys and ex Mafia Michels or Mike Bagnasco ... Montreal, NYC to Miami Mafia who likes dancing...too, in Dunedin, Maryland and Liverpool NY. When they are not buying nurseries or winerys with Ambrose and Nelsons.

They are all going Nelson Royal in a 50's Flint MI to New Orleans to New Jersey Nelson, Davidson Masterpol Advertising, Sellers Advertising probably Teis NJ Rodger Scott public relations with Pritchard non UN countries. and little Druids of the 80's NY and Croton NY with Mrs. Nelson and her buddy in NY and Canada Mrs. Krasner..

They are again 23 years after I won a divorce...littering up any place I can get e mails or find people while they plan for me to be buried with my aunt Isabelle to be the same person in my mother's crypt,,,when she drops. No thank you.

I have no way to get outside e mails not approved by the Bagnasco, Galante Gedoes Ambrose Swartz Creek MI Strongsville Ohio Czechs that my aunt, Mrs. Bell and Karen Ambrose, probably Saundra Mahon led into Julia Thomson to Thompson Nirvana.

All became virgins and wood nympths and liked Lake ancestry England. The Welch Anglo Royal Edmondsons (White) were not wanted by my dad (he didn't believe right area for his sea captains viking hand relatives 'with' William...o O) They were Ok as hell for the creeps down at the Ambrose Bar and Dom Polski Flint and their Irish or Polish wives that had to be in the Scottish Dames societys: Especially the Nelson Mormon genealogy going from Flint to a nursery business in California where they got into the Flint Hollywood ladies going lovely background.. They also wanted the old Scottish Clubs as their past or present..Which were damn nice in their day. Good Friday nights too. Always nice to bring the meat dish to the Confed Dames etc.

But!!!!! II'VE BEEN ROBBRD...my son's been robbed...our whole life and all our money!

I have to get any e mails or address's to e mail out...around their Cranbrook and SU, St Lawrence, Wayne State, Lennon, Nelson, Legacy,Storch Everson Museum druidettes jobs...after they joined up with the Flint Dallas Cowgirls and Hollywood Bible Movie (maybe vampire? voudu? movies) the entertainment queens of Flint (and their Nelson genealogy Sorority). ..all the family trying to grab them to show up for charity credits.

Syracuse Druid Dewitt cemetary cemetaryettes were led to Florida and into Jack Nelson's false genealogy by Flint MI out of business and jobs Flint Playhouse... and after Karen Ambrose pulled up with the Flint playhouse crypt crowd and my idiiot cousins...no jobs. With Sarah Spino Syracuse Press wonder after robbing my parents and banks of masonic pins...and using all my dads masonic papers. Waller and mitchell would not return my original copy of my dads will, I asked them to put it in their safe with my mther's papers as there were people in and out of my houses since I have been in Florida.

Those pins were hauled over to N. Ireland tfor Jack and his cousins to pad the genealogy world of N. Ireland, military and captains museums, old lodge halls, with all of Jack and maybe John MacDonald's (with help of all his dads CIA friends) forged papers. Found, then added to stoyies in genealogy circles and libraries and genealogy sites..with all the forged papers they could leave on Rodger Scott (Pritchard Clients) Landmarks excursions.With of course, spook equipment and fortunetelling folk (Flint MI 60's ESP Black psychology testers) finding great papers while looking for phoney epuipment. This started when Cranbrook decided to start investing in central america and warm areas ahead of the polar warming.

This is all now down here in PascoCo while they lounge on the fancy beaches in Maryland and Conn. and claim they are my contacts at e mail sites. Great little arrow's leading to Young and Lee Mack rats.

This was all done for Nelson (johnson Methodist?) Flint/Swartz Creek Mall and Bishop AP to Pasco Co false genealogy sellers.

The same Simpson Tribe making Mrs. Gedoes and Mrs. Galante Mrs. MacGregger (Mrs Martin, Storch?) Scottish MacGreggers while handing out my mother's/my collections (including those Imiri metal tops for my teapot...probably at Kathi's or Martin/Storch's...after they broke my Imiri pot. It had a second original pot. Those metal ones were special.creeps

Why don't you all get your names off my e mail address sites! with whoever Mr. Tinsley is?The lying Youngs, Bagnascos and Martins Wilsons are all up in Maryland and Conn with the Flint Scotts house bandsmen and dad's Simpsons's cousins... Simpsons (not a direct heir of my dads shipwright) or sea captains...back yard in Maryland : And everywhere Kathi and her lier tribe of Ohio Polish Serbians (especially Bonnie Bell as Braid?) have their names all over my contacts/genealogy/and after rujining my sons education and taking his,my painting life.

While you are busy shipping this blog off...to be read in bits before I get it written up as a book,,I would like to know where my son is. Wendy Kline told my ex she would make him famous (I did not think as a cancer patient...but I am not a witch. Well I intend on making her famous difinitive Litho-witch with Swartz Creek CZ creep ancestor thieves.

I won a divorce on grounds of cruelty and inhumanity because my ex reverted back to his or my relatives tribe (with or without drugs) that followed me to Cranbrook; With my cousins and their in laws tribe that followed me to Cranbrook ( Barbara Young?77 CAA) I don't know her or the rest of her Ferguson Young cripples that have stalked my life with their assortment of hospital and doctor practice manipulators, their monkey and disease balls, to herd people into their mafia investment ponzi. I know it is Mike Bagnasco is that Michaels getting into control of school RE and employment with Michaels? here? They lied about their address my entire life, is in West Bloomfield. not Roseville.

If you have time to send this out onto the ethernet you have time to answer these questions in my journal.
Where did my silver go, where are my best paintings and collages... How did Charles Thomas drug dealer and neighbor who wanted Charles Thomas picture (his family?) and my paintings get out of my Hudson storage (one whole storage area of valuables and half of another...with precolbian sculpture, Rodger sculpture, my art work, and anything else valuable I grabbed because my ex was not to be bothered in four years with any divorce decisions. I hope he did not die and join the CIA NZ with a new SS so Wendo did not have to share my SS which would include the family business I was to be equal parts of and my son. SU CIA terrorism against ex family program...Dippa to England or NZ, Ireland to find new ancestors.

How much of my stolen paintings, collages and all my most valuable things went right down to Kathi CZ in Naples or floated up to Oyster Bay NY and Maryland, Conn.? e
Everywhere Miss kathy's Lee (ADV and RAF? Mack, Deitz's relatives with too big family and too big houses with too small pockets could use them: Or where she forges more of my work with her name or my aunt Isabelle's attached to forger galleries?

Maybe taken for my my aunt to pass out, my collections to a pack of elderly that need them to pass out with false genealogy lies to three now generations of liers.
While, the tribe CZ's to Brits all get an invite for have a free piper at funerals, or an invite to rub upagainst one of Kathis Sirs on a leash or Lennen Everson celebrities at a country club with all the pirates around private schools and colleges: Or join the cripples in their aircraft with phony names with their married big deal?

What is wrong with hubby joining a druid darling? with the Young? Who followed me to Cranbrook to break a building trust by false genealogy for Swanson Saaranins?).

Cripples and Young modeling; an afternoon with the International Mafia society Yacht club and Country clubs and their local rotton business/banks busy forclosing on students with new degrees and no jobs hanging about around prive schools society...when they are no longer wanted...but they can use their forclosed houses.

New Zealand I think has a whole mess of MacDonald trash genealogy built from Jack Nelsons (fired as an adjunct in the 70's)ignored and covered up by all the people investing with my in laws behind my and my ex husbands back(at first). Wendo Kline was sent to vamp him into the pack probbly first in Sheroki and Kenyon, Scott stopping elevators then maybe in Tarpon Office Witch office elevators? planned by the doctors joining Sidney Manes and Rodger Scott. Scott droopped Rodger Mack and joined up with Dr Lillian and his Tampa Doctors while helping a daughter with her complaints against Nottingham HS: then in Florida invdesting in the Mormon Scott MacPherson Mitchell Mormon investment Ponzi ..also partners with with the reformed relatives of the Rendasi Montreal restaurant mob (means friends in Australia right?) in Pasco Co and Tampa.

Syracuse attorneys Sheriffs Southern Sheriffs professors and doctors joined investments which included thefts of Scottish and English names to go with the castles they visited, with Kathy and her travel and Mansour Travel...while introducing them around to people who also needed to add a little Nelson Kline color to their genealogy historys with Hollywood types, Mafia misteriosos and famous doctors. Needier doctors joined in and ignored anything bad? they saw ...they needed needing funds for their fifth family or research too.

SO Diana Banks fans...you got her. I don't want her...Get you butts off my e-mail addresses. And stop shipping off my journal..especially when you won't answer questions on it.

I am the Loco, fine..you people who can't answer one question without five hundred lies are all Saints of the Churches and clubs that are surviving by allowing your pack to join.

If you want to show off my bad spelling fine, unavoidable, I don't have time or a computer with a speller....you new Viking elite housebreakers keep wrecking my computers. While I work on my book.

Diana Banks, Diana Banks.....WHO? She is another of my ex husbands (and the rest of the Education Department and Con Can Studios 'entertainers' that Rodger or his mother and father surrounded my son with ...to make sure Rodger Mack's sister Kathi and her cousins (Bonnie Bell Braid? and my rotton cousins and step cousins can steal everything I ever made, inerited, painted or collected.

After Rodger lost the divorce County of Onondaga, State of New York Supreme Court, Judge Richard N. Donovan, presiding...Index No. M-1409-84 RJI 33-85-653 N.J.on grounds of cruelty and inhumanity. Whether he was drugged in a greek restaurant or not.

I am tired of the Czech and Dom Polski Swartz Creek and Flint and their foul mouth Irish and Scottish Band Bars with their girlie pictures in the drums on my phones... and my computers...with their Thomas drug dealers and Bagnasco Telephone attack maybe Guido Singer or Everson Museum Millionaire Richie's laser house fun ....crowd.
Diana Banks Diana Banks....Mrs perfect bean counter.. hope you make it on the Boston Legal show. I saw a rubber doll the other night and it reminded me of you. Except it did not shake when you laid it on the floor like a quarter a 15 minute bed. ok ...

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